Dong Jiang Precision(DJP) adheres to the professional
spirit and focuses on customized one-stop services for CNC milling,
design, and multi-axis composite processing.
Our extensive employee has rich experience in various precision components of optical instruments and biotech medical equipment. With digital processing equipment.
In order to create the best service, we continuously refines our manufacturing management, By two-dimensional measuring instruments, microscopes, surface roughness meters, and other high-specification equipments to ensure stable manufacturing with high quality and high yield rates. Creating the maximum benefits for customers and invest in the latest processing equipment to achieve diversified and optimized processing quality


With advanced manufacturing technology and precise process management, we can provide you with rapid and reliable metal components processing service.

Precision parts of milling and Lathes

Equipped with six-axis lathes, and CNC five-axis milling machines, and advanced processing equipments.

Secondary procesing

Post-Processing services (Sandblasting, anodize,heat treatment, metal surface treatment... etc.)

OEM、ODM Compound processing

Precision metal components, providing one-stop services: order receiving, manufacturing, post-process processing, etc.